Аматери, професионалци, навијачи, играчи, менаџери, извиђачи, спортски клубови, теретане и милиони спортских профила налазе се на SportivePeople
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As SportivePeople.com, we’re World’s leading platform for the meeting point of sport individuals, amateurs, professionals, sports clubs, sports organization and sports businesses, and we know how to get your business noticed.

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Exposure and Reputation

As part of our network, you’re searchable and listed according to your location and services, opening up your business for discovery by customers who may never find you otherwise.

Plus, SportivePeople.com gives you a 24/7 marketing platform to create your online dignity. Our online review system lets your customers shares their opinion about what you do and what they loved, helping channel even more customers your way.

Easier Business supervision

When you’re in SportivePeople.com plaftorm, you can manage your diary online by using tools, our software platform for operating your Business & Venues. We worked hard to create an appointment system for you to use around your schedule. It’s reliable and it works timely so that you can manage your schedule with a just a click.

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Generate more income

You can set the pricing on SportivePeople.com, and can take advantage of our smart discounting tools to maximize income rush hours and off-peak time. When you choose this system, you can control every aspect of your income.

Shortens your preparation time. Your clients book easily and quickly in this system, if any last minute cancellation occurs, your business runs at full capacity.

7 days Support

Of you want to join our family, we’re always there. When you register, you will have an account manager to your business. That means you get an account manager when you sign up, he/she will take you through all the tips and tricks to maximise your listing, suggesting local trends and what is popular in your area. As well as your account manager, you’ll have full operational support 7 days a week.

Someone of our team is always just a phone call or email away.

SportivePeople.com lets you stand out from the crowd

  1. Show your unique offers to customers
  2. Set your appointment schedules and prices
  3. Generate more income with less effort

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