10 ways to injury proof your body

1. Running footwear 

Good quality, well fitting, functional running shoes are a must and if you only make one investment in running equipment, this one is essential.  

2. Stretch

The repetitive nature of running causes muscles to shorten and tighten, so ideally, stretch all the major leg muscles after every session

3. Sports massage

Running causes micro damage to muscles which, if left untreated, can result in injury. Treat yourself to a frequent full leg massage.  

4. Build up sensibly

Gradually increase your training using 'the 10% rule' as a guide, where you increase your weekly mileage by no more than 10% each week.  

5. Race sparingly

Racing too frequently will often lead to staleness, injury or illness. Races are generally more demanding so limit your races to a select few.  

6. Use a HRM

A heart rate monitor will ensure that you don't over-train by trying to blitz every session and that you train at the right intensity for each workout.  

7. Incorporate resistance training

It is important to build all-round strength to protect you against injuries. One or two all over body sessions a week is ideal.  

8. Core work

Exercises that work your deep postural muscles in your abdomen will make you a stronger, more effective, and better injury-proofed runner.

9. Hydrate 

In addition to fatigue, nausea and headaches, fluid losses through sweating can affect performances. 'Little and often' is a good rule of hydration.  

10. Protein

An essential component of recovery. Try and consume low fat varieties such as lean meat and fish over mince and untrimmed fatty cuts.