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    Athletic Club Macedonian phalanxAthletic Club Macedonian phalanx
    Athletic Club Macedonian phalanx, Αποστόλη Μαμέλη, 16, Nea Moudania 632 00, Greece
    Shooting Club MagnumShooting Club Magnum
    Shooting Club Magnum, Shooting Club Magnum, Bogdantsi, Macedonia (FYROM)
    Shooting Range Kamnik - MikeiShooting Range Kamnik - Mikei
    Shooting Range Kamnik - Mikei, Kamnik BB, Skopje 1000, Macedonia (FYROM)
    Aikido Zendo Dojo-SkopjeAikido Zendo Dojo-Skopje
    Aikido Zendo Dojo-Skopje, Josif Josifovski Svestarot, Skopje 1000, Macedonia (FYROM)
    Kenbukan Aikido DojoKenbukan Aikido Dojo
    Kenbukan Aikido Dojo, Karposh B.B. Bitola 7000 Macedonia, Macedonia (FYROM)
    Skiteam - Ski Academy in Thessaloniki GREECESkiteam - Ski Academy in Thessaloniki GREECE
    Skiteam - Ski Academy in Thessaloniki GREECE, Leof. Kon/nou Karamanli 132, Thessaloniki 542 48, Greece
    Tenisko IgralisteTenisko Igraliste
    Tenisko Igraliste, Rankovtse, Macedonia (FYROM)
    Teniski IgralištaTeniski Igrališta
    Teniski Igrališta, Petrovec, Macedonia (FYROM)
    Deportes in East Feliciana Parish | Jugadores, atletas, exploradores, entrenadores, entrenadores, fanáticos y muchos más en Sports Network