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Travel & Sports Australia

Sport and Leisure Travel Packages - WA, Australia

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At Travel & Sports Australia, we embody all that sport has to offer. We live, breathe and play the game. We’re a team who work together to provide the best experience as you traverse the sporting globe in pursuit of its biggest superstars. We can transport you to over 45 sporting events worldwide by combining the best in official tickets, hotels and flights to get you there.


Complete Sporting Experiences, Made Easy!
Discover why using Travel & Sports Australia will save you time when booking your next Sporting Holiday Package!
FAQ | The Big Page of Information
FAQ | The Big Page of Information
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Sports Calendar
From witnessing power and precision Down Under at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix to watching Roger Federer serve his way to victory at the French Open, the world of sport has something for everyone! Download your 2018 sports calendar today and stay up to date with all major sports around the globe. Use your sports calendar as your bucket-list guide. The sort of guide that goes on your fridge that you can use as inspiration for your next international sporting experience. For our digital sports fans, use our interactive sport calendar below to browse what sports packages we have on offer this season. At Travel & Sports Australia, we have a team of passionate sports coordinators on hand who would love to chat about your next sporting trip!