The United States Soccer Federation is expecting to announce the terminate of its Development Academies on the boys and girls sides, reports The Athletic.

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It's the first major decision to come out of Will Wilson's nascent tenure as U.S. Soccer chief executive officer, and will make a sincere statement on behalf of relatively new USMNT and USWNT power figures Earnie Stewart, Brian McBride, and Kate Markgraf.

The DA featured close to 200 clubs, with teams competing from the U-12 to U-17/18 level and including all of the current MLS teams.

The 13-year-old league had announced new members for the 2020/21 season just last month, with MLS side Nashville SC and USL side Phoenix Rising among the new entrants.

All 26 current MLS teams, including the league's three Canadian clubs, participate in the boys' DA. It's not clear what will happen to MLS academies now that the DA is no more, though, for a number of years, a segment of MLS teams have pushed to break away from the DA to start their own, MLS-only academy league. The main reason for this was due to their perception that the DA did not offer a strong enough level of competition.

This would be a monumental change for U.S. Soccer, though there is some concern that the federation is making a move to placate Major League Soccer.

It's impossible to judge the change without knowing the federation's plans for top-level youth soccer.